Five Tips to Help You Put Together a Stellar Interior Design Portfolio

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How can I get my interior design portfolio to stand out?

Five Tips to Help You Put Together a Stellar Interior Design Portfolio

When you’re getting ready to interview for an interior design job, you need to have a great interior design portfolio. Remember that having a great portfolio to show at your next interview takes time and effort. Keep these tips in mind before you look for your next interior design job:

• Start with the portfolio case. Pick a case that is professional and representative of the industry and market you’re interviewing for. If you’re sending your resume to a mainstream design firm, go with a basic, nondescript portfolio case. If you’re applying to an edgy, trendy retail store, you might get away with a portfolio case with more pizazz.

• Spend some time to research other portfolios to get an idea of layout and design possibilities.

• Pick pieces representative of your best work. Don’t put in pieces that you have to apologize for.

• Prioritize the order of your portfolio pieces. Don’t simply throw in random examples of your work. Instead, imagine explaining your designs to your potential employer. Pick an exciting piece in the beginning and end of your portfolio.

• Target your portfolio pieces. Make sure that what you put in your interior design portfolio best represents the job you are applying for. Your portfolio doesn’t have to be set in stone. You can change some pieces out for new ones, depending on your job interview.



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