Interior Decorator Career Options

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What kind of career options do I have as an interior decorator?

Interior Decorator Career Options

Are you interested in jumping right into the world of interiors, but you're wondering what interior decorating career options are available to you? Most employers will look for someone with at least a few years of interior decorating experience, but you should be able to find some entry level positions in these interior decorator career options:

Custom window treatment design professional – As a custom window treatment design professional, you'll assist clients in the selection of draperies, shutters, and blinds for their home, based on the latest trends and styles. You'll need good communication skills and can earn a base pay with a commission.

Audio Visual Sales Associate – Do you prefer high tech sound systems and home entertainment equipment over fabrics and swatches? Consider becoming an audio visual sales associate. Become an expert on the newest high-tech equipment to bring music, movies, and television programming into the home. You'll need to feel comfortable with sales skills and have a strong interest in electronic products for the home.

Furniture Showroom Consultant – If you can put together a snazzy furniture ensemble in your head while assisting a customer with the decision between the baby blue micro suede sofa fabric or the cowhide vinyl, then consider a career as a furniture showroom consultant. Work with clients as they approach you for advice on what to put in their living room, bedrooms, and dining room.

Home Remodeling Decorator – As a home remodeling decorator, you can work with a range of retail locations within the home remodeling industry. Assist customers with paint selection for their new backyard gazebo, help them select the best window treatment for that new nursery, or explain the difference between bamboo flooring and Pergo.



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