Interior Design Courses – What You'll Learn

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What kind of interior design courses can I expect to take in a program?

Interior Design Courses – What You'll Learn

Are you contemplating entering an interior design program but you want to find out what the interior design courses are like? Entering an interior design program will open up a whole new world to a creative field, but you'll also learn business practices and study technical subjects as well. Here is a list of some general topics you can expect to cover in an interior design program.

• Design – Learn how to visualize and create spaces for homes, commercial interiors, and more.

• Digital Presentation – Here, you'll find out how to use the latest technology to produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional interior spaces.

• Lighting – Interior design courses in lighting allow you to explore the practical uses for lighting and its impact on a spatial level.

• Professional Practices – Interior design courses also cover the business aspects of running a design firm, organizational structure of a design firm, project management, and client marketing.

• Materials - Learn how materials impact the design of a space on both a physical and cultural level.



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