The Perfect Interior Design Candidate - What Employers Want

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What are interior design employers looking for in a candidate?

The Perfect Interior Design Candidate - What Employers Want

You have your interior design degree, an internship, a portfolio, and resume all ready to go. All you have to do is ace the next interior design interview and you’ll be on your way to a promising career. To boost your chances of landing the job with the slick and innovative design firm you’ve been eyeing, pay attention to what interior design employers are looking for.

• Employers want an interior design candidate who first and foremost, has a friendly and positive, outgoing personality. Surprised? Part of working as an interior designer means interacting with clients, vendors, and other members of your project team. People skills are an important part of the interior design interview.

• To shine as an interior design candidate, show your potential employers that you have great communication skills. You should be clearly able to present your ideas and projects. As an interior designer, you’ll have to communicate your ideas in a way that other people can understand.

• Your technical skills as an interior designer are also important to interior design employers. The firm that hires you wants to know that you have a good sense of design, proportion, color, and the technical know how to make a project come together.



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