Creating the Interior Design Resume

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How should I put together my interior design resume?

Creating the Interior Design Resume

After wrapping up a design project for a new-age holistic spa and creating a flawless portfolio full of your six best projects, you still have to tackle your interior design resume. How do you start? Incorporate these ideas to help you create a letter perfect interior design resume that will land you a coveted job.

• Keep the format of your resume professional and business-like.

• Organize your interior design resume in a clear, cohesive manner. You can choose a format which highlights your strengths or opt for one that reads in a chronological order.

• Keep graphics and design elements to a minimum and reserve your design flair for your interior design portfolio.

• Accompany your resume with a well-written cover letter that is a few paragraphs in length. Your cover letter should highlight your skills and explain why you are a good fit for the interior design firm you are applying for.



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