What They're Using Now – Interior Design Software

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What design software is industry standard for interior designers?

What They're Using Now – Interior Design Software

Wondering about interior design software most commonly used? AutoCad is the all encompassing drafting tool that allows interior designers, engineers, and architects to put together floor plans, elevations, lighting plans, and furniture layouts. If you plan on being competitive in the interior design industry, learn to use this interior design software. However, working in the interior design industry, you won't just be creating space plans, and designing interior spaces, you'll also handle written business proposals and correspondence as well as manage project schedules and budgets. This means you should also be proficient in Word and Excel as well.



8/1/2011 12:44:04 PM
CID in NY said:

Many firms have transitioned to Revit in lieu of AutoCAD. Working knowledge of both programs is critical to finding employment as an interior designer.


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