How to Find Your First Interior Design Internship

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How can I find an interior design internship?

How to Find Your First Interior Design Internship

If you're already looking for that coveted interior design internship, you're one step ahead of the career game. A job search can be challenging, but take some time to try these avenues and you should find an interior design internship in no time.

• Go through a professional organization such as the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID at to network and scan their job boards.

• Check the job board of your own interior design program.

• Your faculty can also be a great resource to assist you in your search for an interior design internship.

• Network with classmates and friends in your interior design program to see if anyone knows of an opening. Friends and colleagues will prove to be a valuable resource to help you find jobs now and in the future.

• Do your own investigative research and send your resume out to targeted firms of your interest or contact firms you are interested in for an informational interview.



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