The Importance of an Interior Design Internship

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How important is getting an interior design internship?

The Importance of an Interior Design Internship

What's one of the best ways to line up work when you've completed your interior design degree? Besides tackling resumes and creating portfolios, get that interior design internship before you've finished school. Interior design internships are an important part of your career for four reasons:

1. Interior design internships are a great way to get practical hands on experience before you've completed your interior design degree.

2. Interior design internships help you to find out if a specialty field of interior design is right for you.

3. You need work experience to get a job and if you can show you've logged hours in any field of interior design on your resume before graduation, you will be a much stronger candidate to potential employers.

4. Your internship just might also be your first interior design job out of school. Many design firms will hire an intern who has performed well upon their graduation from an interior design program. This is one thing to keep in mind if you want to stay ahead in your job search.



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