Become a Visual Merchandiser

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Can I get a visual merchandiser job as an interior decorator?

Become a Visual Merchandiser

One career option for those of you who are interested in an interior decorator career is to become a visual merchandiser. As a visual merchandiser, you can create the concepts and implementation of displays for clothing stores, furniture stores, and other retail locations. In this exciting career field, you will create the store's brand image, attract more customer traffic, and guide the experience of the shopper as they browse through displays, racks and aisles. In order to become a visual merchandiser, you need creative skills, ability to conceptualize, and technical expertise in lighting, props, and set building. Having experience with retail sales and consumer buying trends would be helpful as well. This interior decorator career option has potential for salary growth over the years. Salaries start at $15,000 to $25,000 a year and go up with experience to over $60,000 per year.



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