Applying to the Top Interior Design Schools

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What will help my application when I apply to the top interior design schools?

Applying to the Top Interior Design Schools

If you want to apply to the top interior design schools, you need to be thorough and do your research well ahead of the application process. Follow these guidelines to help you get through the interior design application process.

• Get information on the interior design application process early. Most of the top interior design programs require you meet a certain level of coursework in order to apply to their programs.

• Make a checklist of all the items you need to apply and get them in order, such as a portfolio, SAT scores, and letters of recommendation.

• Join in extracurricular activities, especially ones that foster a well rounded background or emphasize your interest in the interior design field.

• Turn your interior design application in early. Always check with the requirements of the interior design program you are applying for, but many of the top interior design schools give priority to applications received near the beginning of their decision making process.



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