Your First Year of Interior Design Coursework

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What kinds of classes can I expect in my first year of interior design coursework?

Your First Year of Interior Design Coursework

The first year of your interior design program can be daunting. If you know what to expect for your first year of interior design coursework, the transition into a new program can be much easier. A typical program could include the following:

• Interiors Studio Course – Put together your first interior design project based on a set of parameters and requirements in this introductory interior design coursework.

• Graphic Communication – Learn about perspectives, two dimensional and three dimensional techniques, and ways to communicate your design ideas.

• Materials and Methods – This course will teach you about surfaces and finishes and construction materials that go into the interior of a building or residence.

• History of the Designed Environment – Learn from previous examples of designed spaces and interiors to apply it to your current interior design project.



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