Work Options for a Career in Interior Design

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What work options do I have for a career in interior design?

Work Options for a Career in Interior Design

Thinking about a career in interior design, but wondering what work options you have to choose from? As an interior designer, you can work in a wide range of businesses. Here are a few places to get you started on ideas:

• As an interior designer, you can work for an architecture firm creating interior spaces, selecting furniture, lighting, fabrics, and finishes.

• Take your career in interior design to the showroom – the furniture showroom, that is. You can interact with clients to help select the pieces to furnish their office or home.

• Become a model home designer. Companies hire interior designers to create the overall look of a model home to attract homebuyers. It's an excellent opportunity to use your sense of design and creative flair.

• A career in interior design can be put to use at a lighting design firm. Not only will you be able to select fixtures, you'll be able to design them and create a subtle or dramatic ambiance in commercial buildings, homes, theme parks, and outdoor facilities.



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