Interior Design Degree Frequently Asked Questions

What work options do I have for a career in interior design?

What opportunities exist for an interior designer in an architecture firm?

How should I approach my search for interior design jobs?

Where can I find interior design jobs?

What kind of salary can I expect as an interior designer?

What are some niche career areas for interior design?

What sources can I go to for interior design career information?

Where can I take an interior design course to help boost my career?

What can I expect my day to be like as an interior designer?

What is the current trend for the interior design field?

What type of person is suited for an interior design career?

What are some interesting areas of the interior design field to get into?

Do I need to get a college degree to be an interior design?

Is there a reason why getting an interior design degree is important?

I don’t have easy access to an interior design program, but want to enroll online. Do you have suggestions?

Should I try an online interior design course before I decide to commit to an interior design program?

Should I consider a program that is not accredited by FIDER?

What is the minimum interior design degree that I need to take the interior design licensing exam?

Do employers place importance on the interior design degree?

Will I be able to start my own interior design firm after I get an interior design degree?

Can I take an online program accredited in interior design?

Can I take a specialized interior design degree if I want to specialize in kitchen or bath design?

Do I need to go to an accredited interior design program to become a lighting designer?

What can you tell me about taking an interior design course online?

What kind of interior design courses can I expect to take in a program?

Is accreditation important for an interior design program?

How do I know if an interior design program is right for me?

Should I enroll in an interior design correspondence course?

What can I expect from the interior design studio course?

What will I learn in a professional practice class?

What course can I take to help my interior design presentation skills?

What interior design elective course should I take that will help my career?

What kinds of classes can I expect in my first year of interior design coursework?

What type of work will I have to do in an interior design thesis?

Can you tell me what I need to do to qualify to take the interior design licensing exam?

How much training do I need to take the interior design examination?

How long do I have to wait to get the results of my interior design exam?

What is the importance of getting your Interior Design License?

Is there a good way to study for the NCIDQ examination?

Are there deadlines to apply for my interior design licensing exam?

What are the licensing laws regarding interior designers?

What is the title act in interior design legislation mean?

What is the practice act?

What does the self-certification legislation for interior designers mean?

What is the permitting statute for interior designers?

What is it like working as a corporate interior design professional?

What is feng shui interior design?

What types of opportunities do I have working in modern interior design?

What kind of career opportunities do I have available to me in residential interior design?

What is interior architecture design?

What does a set designer do?

What does a retail store designer do?

Can you tell me about the role of a kitchen designer?

What does a bath designer do?

What does a lighting designer do?

Can you tell me about a career as a home theater designer?

How should I go about putting my portfolio together?

How can I get my interior design portfolio to stand out?

What is an efficient way to keep my portfolio up to date?

What is an alternative option for creating an interior design portfolio?

Is there a preferred portfolio format by interior design employers?

Should I explain my interior design portfolio during the interview process?

Are there specifics parts of a project I should put in my interior design portfolio?

Are there any specific types of markets employers want to see in my student portfolio?

What types of pieces should I put in my design portfolio?

What options do I have for a portfolio case?

How can I keep my portfolio updated and interesting?

How do I find the best interior design schools?

What is the difference between attending an interior design college versus a public school program with an interior design department?

How do I get the most out of my interior design education?

What factors make up the ranking system of an interior design program?

Should I visit an interior design school to make my decision on where to get my education?

What are the current school of interior design rankings?

What do I need to apply to an interior design school?

How can I get information on an interior design program?

What can I expect if I attend a top interior design program?

What will help my application when I apply to the top interior design schools?

Is there any value in getting a graduate interior design education?

Can you give me information to help me decide if interior design is a career for me?

Can you tell me if I should get an interior decorating education?

What is the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer?

What kind of career options do I have as an interior decorator?

Where can I look for a job as an interior decorator?

Where can I find coursework on interior decorating?

Can I get a visual merchandiser job as an interior decorator?

Can you tell me about a career as a flooring estimator?

What type of person would be suited for a career in furniture sales?

Is it possible to start an interior decorator business from scratch?

Is there a professional organization for interior decorators?

How important is getting an interior design internship?

How can I find an interior design internship?

What are some good Web sites to get information online about interior design?

What are some examples of magazines I can reference about interior design?

What student competitions are out there in interior design?

What design software is industry standard for interior designers?

How should I put together my interior design resume?

What are interior design employers looking for in a candidate?

What questions will I be asked in an interior design interview?

What should I know about the interior design firm I am interviewing with?

What is one way I can get help paying for my interior design education?

Are there any interior designers that become famous?

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